Thursday, 30 April 2009

Cuddles......The Return !!

If, like the Midlife Crisis Team, you've become somewhat attached to Cuddles, you'll all be delighted to hear that Cuddles made it home on Tuesday, thanks to Chris and Si.

She took a more leisurely route up the east coast of Spain and into France, where she decided to miss out the Himalayas ! Seeing Carcasonne in the west, and knowing that it was somewhere she had always wanted to go, she decided to stop there for the night.

Sir Bob Geldof missed out on his biggest publicity stunt since Band Aid, by not coming out of his hotel in Carasonne to have his photo taken with be fair, he did agree but it would have meant Cuddles missing her ferry. Poor Bob......he'll be kicking himself for years to come !

Anyway, I'll fill you in over the next few interview Radio Derby yesterday which you can still listen to online...Eleena Naylor show, BBC Radio Derby.
We're toying with the idea of bringing Cuddles up to Glasgow in a few weeks time to say thank you to all the helpers and supporters who made such a fantastic contribution. Cuddles asked me to let you all know that she thinks you're....."awe pure dead brilliant but".....
More pictures to follow......once Gordon works out how to empty his Blackberry ???



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