Friday, 24 April 2009

Message from Director of European Media Activities

Dear readers

Whilst those middle aged boys are off sunning themselves on the Continent, this very young and attractive author, wit, raconteur has been slaving away over his PC ensuring that the regular messages from the lads have been broadcast to youz.

As if this is not enough, he has just finished a mammoth day of fundraising in Glasgow and...

we've not counted yet, but I reckon we have added another £1600 to the cause.

Well done Glasgow!



wardrobe mistress said...

Brendan, you is a star. Not 'young, attractive, witty or racoonish', but you is a star nonetheless! Well done Glasgow and keep up the good work.

Secret Admirer said...

Excuse me, I think Brendan is unbelievably cool and dead sexy. I can't take my eyes off him at work.

wardrobe mistress said...

I hear most people can't take their eyes off Brendan at work ..... mainly because it's such a rare sight?


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