Thursday, 30 April 2009

Cuddles......The Return !!

If, like the Midlife Crisis Team, you've become somewhat attached to Cuddles, you'll all be delighted to hear that Cuddles made it home on Tuesday, thanks to Chris and Si.

She took a more leisurely route up the east coast of Spain and into France, where she decided to miss out the Himalayas ! Seeing Carcasonne in the west, and knowing that it was somewhere she had always wanted to go, she decided to stop there for the night.

Sir Bob Geldof missed out on his biggest publicity stunt since Band Aid, by not coming out of his hotel in Carasonne to have his photo taken with be fair, he did agree but it would have meant Cuddles missing her ferry. Poor Bob......he'll be kicking himself for years to come !

Anyway, I'll fill you in over the next few interview Radio Derby yesterday which you can still listen to online...Eleena Naylor show, BBC Radio Derby.
We're toying with the idea of bringing Cuddles up to Glasgow in a few weeks time to say thank you to all the helpers and supporters who made such a fantastic contribution. Cuddles asked me to let you all know that she thinks you're....."awe pure dead brilliant but".....
More pictures to follow......once Gordon works out how to empty his Blackberry ???

Sunday, 26 April 2009

The End - well sort of...there will be more on Monday

Blew all our lead, stayed out till 5.45 this morning and the alarm went off at 6.45!

Not a brain cell sparking amongst us so we slipped back on the challenges - Cuddles was very disappointed in her boys.

Gordon drove to Almeria since he was the least bevvied where we spent the next two hours trying to find a supermarket and a hotel, and being sick at the side of the road.

We met up with the other arrivals at a local Bar and started drinking again the moment we got in the door, we handed Cuddles over to Chris and Si, once we found the keys which had dropped down a seat in the lounge, who had just landed in Almeria from the UK.

After another 10 beers and shooters, several photographs, a run in with the local police and a resounding cheer, Chris, Si and Cuddles made their the wrong way up a one way street, through a red light whilst playing the theme to Kelly's Heroes.

What a fitting start to the return leg !!

We have had the most fantastic time together, and the bonus is the support and donations from all.



Update on UK return.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Message from Director of European Media Activities

Dear readers

Whilst those middle aged boys are off sunning themselves on the Continent, this very young and attractive author, wit, raconteur has been slaving away over his PC ensuring that the regular messages from the lads have been broadcast to youz.

As if this is not enough, he has just finished a mammoth day of fundraising in Glasgow and...

we've not counted yet, but I reckon we have added another £1600 to the cause.

Well done Glasgow!


Crowd pleasers?

Now we know what you are thinking and it's not how it looks! This really is hard work you know. And all those girls on the bonnet? It'sbloomin Cuddles they have fallen in love with.

Nice to see you to see you nice!

Good game! Good game!

One of our posing pictures with some locals - 100 points, only 2 of 5 to go. Next is yoga pose.

Today's challenge

We have five service stations to visit dressed as scary clowns (not much dressing up to do) striking poses such as YMCA with locals taking the shots.

Nightlife in Andorra last night was non existent.

Just stopped at customs and had to explain what the makeup, wigs and masks were all about.
Will make Benidorm in time for a spot of guzzling.


Thursday, 23 April 2009

Cuddles struggles!

Cuddles struggling up hills, 1:15 gradients, scenery stunning. Team looking forward to washing. Are on route to the abettoire to get team photo with large carcass.



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